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Now you may have heard that clubs have received a refund of fees that we’ve had to pay in to the combine over the years.

Now as this is a windfall, it’s felt that as a club we should do something specific with the money.

This is where you come in - while the committee has been discussing some ideas as to what we could do with it, you are the club and so the committee would like to hear from you with your own ideas as to how the money could be best utilised.

If we get a recurring theme then that will guide the final decision.

There is no rush to do anything but it would be nice to get members ideas as soon as we can.

Of course it may be one of the current ideas is one you like the idea of, if so  contact us and let us know.

This is your opportunity to have a say in what happens to the money!

Current ideas include

1) Donate to a charity

2) 1 years free basic membership to all current members

3) Sponsorship of some kind to existing competitors (oil plugs or something similar)

4) Some specialist training for the up and coming riders to help them move to the next level

So if you have an idea or like the sound of any of the above, please get in touch using